Take Up Unit Bearings

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Take-Up Units. Get take-up bearings and frames from Grainger to help operate belt-driven applications, such as fans and blowers, food processing equipment and agricultural equipment. Narrow-slot take-up bearing types feature stainless steel construction to help support lighter-duty applications.


Take-up ball bearing units consist of a positioning screw and either top or side mounting hardware. Their wide inner ring allows for shaft alignment and belt tensioning. Take-up bearing units are used in a range of applications including conveyer belts, fans and blowers, and food processing plants.The take-up ball bearing unit assortment comprises insert bearing series and designs, with the main differences between the take-up units being the housing design, the locking method onto the shaft, the sealing solution, and the options for end covers and back seals.

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU13J060SET Take Up Unit Bearings

80 mm 560 mm
600 r/min 555 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU11J055SN Take Up Unit Bearings

49 mm 70 mm
235 mm 330

LINK BELT TB22431E7E7CSS Take Up Unit Bearings

h8 0 m/s
H7 1.2 kg

LINK BELT TB22631E7 Take Up Unit Bearings

110 mm 5.5 mm
3 mm 28 mm

LINK BELT TB22431E7E7C Take Up Unit Bearings

2 x TSD 3184 U OH 3184 H
455 mm M 42x280

LINK BELT TB22451H Take Up Unit Bearings

65.790 kN 587 kN
3 mm 379 kN

LINK BELT TB22447E Take Up Unit Bearings

One Shield 3.00 mm
2500 rpm 198000 N

QM INDUSTRIES QATU18A303SEO Take Up Unit Bearings

294 mm 287 mm
3.5 mm 1980 kN

QM INDUSTRIES QATU18A303SEC Take Up Unit Bearings

M 6 212 mm
6.5 mm MS 3084

QM INDUSTRIES QATU18A303SEB Take Up Unit Bearings

170.0000 mm 4000 rpm
95.000 mm 34500 N

QM INDUSTRIES QATU18A085SM Take Up Unit Bearings

200.025 mm 8
385 r/min 1 1/8-7 UNC

QM INDUSTRIES QATU18A080SO Take Up Unit Bearings

YEL 207-2RF/VL065 22 mm
37.6 mm 32.3 mm